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Hello thespians! I just joined this community and wanted to introduce myself. I am a classically trained singer and just moved to the Twin Cities to pursue singing and theater--separately and combined! Recently, I had my first straight theater audition EVER. OK, I did one play in high school. The only theater class I took in college was a German lit class on comedies. I especially like Shakespeare. I've always loved the theater but something or other kept me from being more that just an observer. This summer I attended an "acting for singers" workshop here and discovered that I have the talent and burning desire to do this. There are a couple of theater companies here that are doing really incredible things with old-fashioned grand opera. I want to be a versatile actor. I don't think there should be much difference between singing actors and non-singing actors. So I hope you don't mind if I ask some silly questions now and then as I navigate this brave new world!
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